A Direct Route to Quality

Meticulous oversight from us means our customers can expect the highest quality product in the market. No unnecessary hand-offs. No hidden origins. No unpredictability. It’s a level of quality you can truly count on. It’s who we are.


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Why Everline was Created

Having operated solely as a merchandising company for three years, we began acquiring specialty product cleaning and processing plants. We built proprietary and industry-leading quality assurance programs. We have fine tuned our logistics and export programs. The end result: Everline, where customers have direct visibility in the entire supply chain.

The only way to truly control quality is to be there every step of the way. So we are.


Why we do it this way.

Peace of mind. It’s that simple. Everyone wants to be rest assured that the food they’re providing, and the food they’re consuming, is of the highest possible quality.

We aim to create a better food system. We have seen a need from our partners and customers who wanted more quality control throughout the entire process. From the commodity leaving the farmer’s hands all the way through to the delivery of a premium product. So we created Everline.


What’s in a name?

The “Everline” Etymology

Think of a straight line and every touchpoint along the way. It’s easy to imagine why someone managing the entire thing would control what continues down the line. Quality would be ever-present. That’s Everline, a direct path of unrivaled quality through the food system. From seed to shelf.

We set standards well above industry guidelines to give you confidence that you’re getting the very best, always.


100% transparency of people, process and products. Customers get a full view of our entire operation. Nothing to hide here.


An obsession with consistency, accuracy and quality. You expect the best, and we promise as much. It’s why our approach demands excellence and nothing less.


A direct line through our network. We start with the farmers, on to the elevators and processors, all the way to delivering domestically and internationally.

Everline Products

These are North American-grown crops of the highest quality grown in any given crop year.

Kabuli Chickpeas: Orion - Marvel - Sierra
Green Lentils: Richlea - Eston
Pardina Lentils
Green Peas
Non-GMO Soybeans: Clear Hilum - Dark Hilum

How we guarantee unparalleled Quality

All Everline products are traceable back to one of our premium specialty product cleaning and processing facilities located in either Lathrop, MO, USA or Chester, MT, USA, which are both SQF certified. We are involved throughout the entire life cycle of the product. From delivery of seed to the grower, to delivery of the product to our customer. We have complete control and have implemented quality control checks throughout the entire supply chain.


Seed is cleaned and prepared for sale to growers.

Seed is tested and approved for sale by the State Department of Agriculture.

Seed is sent to grower.


Seed is planted by partner growers.

Crops are continually checked for quality through harvest.

Product is delivered to processing facility via transportation that is historically-fee of hazardous materials.


Product is air screen cleaned, destoned and color sorted.

Product is sampled throughout cleaning process for quality control following SQF protocol.

Product is bagged and palletized.


Food is sold domestically and internationally to end-users.

An Everline associate oversees and confirms delivery.

Quality is confirmed through certificate of analysis.

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