Lathrop FSG

Premium Food Grade Processing Facilities in Northwest Missouri

Focusing on organic and non-GMO soybeans and corn, Lathrop provides customers with premium food, seed and grain products.

Facility Overview

The Lathrop FSG facilities located in the Kansas City area run an identity preserved non-GMO food grade soybean and grain business in conjunction with a grain storage, and merchandising program. Lathrop FSG also offers various cleaning, bagging, toting and container loading services for a number of different commodity types, including corn, non-GMO corn, organic corn, soybeans, non-GMO soybeans, organic soybeans, cleaned and aspirated soybeans, and field peas. Lathrop FSG allows The Redwood Group to provide producers with a premium while also providing our customers with a product that meets their strict specifications. As with all Redwood facilities, Redwood’s PCQI and HACCP trained team members ensure all quality standard control procedures are fully implemented and operating effectively at the Lathrop FSG facilities.

Location Details

402 Locust Street
Lathrop, MO 64465
For local bids: 816-528-4255

105 Welsh Street
Pleasant Hill, MO 64080
For local bids: 816-540-2972

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