Grains & Feed Ingredients

Grain and Feed Ingredient Merchandising

Sourcing customer needs for traditional feed ingredients, specialized pet food ingredients, grains and energy inputs.

Grain Merchandising & Feed Ingredient Supply

The Redwood Group originates, merchandises, stores and handles wholesale grains, cereals, oilseeds, pulses and other alternative sources of protein for domestic and international customers. We focus on sourcing our customers’ needs for traditional feed ingredients, specialized pet food ingredients, grains and energy inputs. Operating throughout the United States, Canada and abroad, we provide logistics for all aspects of the supply chain, including strategic investments in physical assets across North America.

Quality is Our Focus

The Redwood Group is built on origination capabilities, quality assurance, transparency and knowledge of macro and micro market trends in both domestic and international markets.

Working with our customers to meet their requested specifications, Redwood ensures such deliveries receive specialized care, with the end-user being regularly updated on the status of each load to ensure an exemplary logistics service is provided.

The Redwood Group owns or facilitates operations at various processing plants and storage facilities in geographically diverse locations which offer Redwood capabilities to store, clean, bag, tote and package commodities in a fashion that meets the specifications of our customers. This vertically integrated approach allows Redwood to meet customer demands and to ensure quality standards are maintained at each step of the process as requested.

Grain & Feed Ingredient Service Features


Viewing logistics as much more than just delivering to a destination, the dedicated logistics team utilizes its proprietary transportation platform to ensure products are handled in compliance throughout the entire supply chain and that on-time deliveries are the standard.

Price Discovery

The Redwood Group holds long-standing relationships with growers, processors and end-users. We believe farmers, feed manufacturers, pet food manufacturers and energy producers should gain value from these relationships. These relationships provide each party with a world view of markets and facilitate collaborative pricing efforts.

Responsive Team

Redwood focuses on communicating pricing, contract, payment and logistics specifics openly at each interaction. Our customers can count on open lines of communications with our merchandisers to receive real-time updates on their contracts.

Strategic Partnerships

The Redwood Group maintains a network of strategic partnerships throughout the United States, Canada and abroad. These partnerships provide us with the ability to offer our customers several sourcing and processing options. At Redwood, we understand the value of strong partnerships and are we are focused on continuing to expand our network of partners.

Grower Programs

Facilitating relationships between growers, feed manufacturers, pet food manufacturers and other end-users, The Redwood Group creates mutually beneficial partnerships on both sides of the supply chain. Our processing partners and Redwood welcome our buyers to meet our growers, which provides a transparent view of the supply chain. This further enables us to maintain our customers’ requested levels of quality and compliance throughout all major points in the process and to ensure our customers are supplied with a high quality, premium product from farms they can trust.


We leverage global market knowledge to provide our producers with maximum visibility into various markets in order to provide competitive pricing to our customers.

Types of Contracts Offered

Flat, Basis, Hedge to Arrive, Min & Max Price, Deferred Pricing, Averaging

Grains & Feed Ingredients

The Redwood Group supplies all types, varieties and grades of the following commodities for delivery to numerous destinations, such as feed manufacturers, feed lots, pet food manufacturers, energy producers and other end-users. Please contact us with inquires about additional commodity specifications and our grower programs.



Corn: Organic, Non-GMO, Conventional, Screens, Waxy
Sorghum: Organic & Conventional
Conventional Wheat: Hard Red Spring, Hard Red Winter, Hard White Winter, Soft Red Winter, Durum
Organic Wheat: Hard Red Spring, Hard Red Winter, Durum
Barley: Organic & Conventional
Oats: Whole and Groats


Soybeans: Organic, Non-GMO, Cleaned and Aspirated, Conventional
Brown Flax: Organic & Conventional; Wholes & Screens
Yellow Flax: Organic & Conventional; Wholes & Screens


Chickpeas: Organic & Conventional; Wholes, Splits & Screens
Green Lentils: Organic & Conventional; Wholes, Splits & Screens
Red Lentils: Organic & Conventional; Wholes, Splits & Screens
Yellow Peas: Organic & Conventional; Wholes, Splits & Screens
Green Peas: Organic & Conventional; Wholes, Splits & Screens

By-products and other ingredients

Soybean Meal & Pellets: Organic, Non-GMO, Conventional
Bakery Meal, Canola Meal, Flaxseed Meal
Corn Gluten Feed
Sunflower Meal & Pellets
Wheat Midds
Soybean Oil: Organic & Non-GMO
Various Oils: Organic Canola & Flaxseed

All Things Quality

The Redwood Group will never compromise on quality. We have implemented a proprietary quality assurance program based on the highest level of quality guidelines for product to be delivered to specific pet food markets. Nutritional, quality and microbial analysis conducted by third-party laboratories are available upon request to validate the certificate of analysis and requested commodity specifications. Our pet food supply operations adhere to all FDA sanitary transportation program guidelines. Further, Redwood is capable of sourcing from locations which comply with all regulations outlined in the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act, and we maintain a fully implemented Foreign Supplier Verification Program.

Quality is Our Focus

Full-time quality assurance staff on hand perform all activities necessary to assure customer product quality specification requests are met. The quality assurance team continually works to ensure our exclusive facilities and our third-party vendors maintain compliance with regulatory guidelines and food safety certifications.


Employing individuals with a unique background in public health and science guides the emphasis on quality assurance programs and principals to meet or exceed customer standards to ensure the consistent supply of safe products, with the desired quality characteristics our customers need. The Redwood Group and respective staff perform all activities necessary to assure product quality through consistent conformance to:

  • Customer expectations
  • Product specifications
  • Food safety requirements
  • Product wholesomeness

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Strict Delivery and Quality Specifications

The Redwood Group owns and operates facilities and works with approved third-party vendor locations which are in full compliance with various food safety standards based on each facilities’ operations, including but not limited to the HACCP Food Safety System, Food Quality Management System, SQF, and/or organic certification requirements. These facilities provide storage, cleaning and processing options for customers in order to better manage timing of delivery and product specifications.

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