Stricks Ag

Pulse Processing Facility in Northern Montana

Stricks Ag, located in the golden triangle, is a premium pulse crop processing facility.

Facility Overview

The Stricks Ag facility, located on the BNSF mainline in northern Montana, offers various hauling and marketing services to producers in order to make the procurement process as seamless as possible. Products stored, cleaned, sorted or processed and distributed in bags, totes or containers from this facility include chickpeas and various types of wheat, lentils, field peas, beans and other specialty crops. Additionally, Stricks Ag runs a seed program which offers producers a variety of wheat, pea, bean and specialty crop seeds. Stricks Ag develops personal relationships with the producers it both sells seed to, and purchases crops from. In doing so, Stricks Ag is able to ensure the highest level of quality control practices are established at all points in the supply chain. In addition to maintaining relationships with its producers, PCQI and HACCP trained team members ensure all quality standard control procedures are operating effectively at Stricks Ag.

Location Details

114 E Washington Avenue
Chester, MT 59522
For local bids: 406-759-6489

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