Our Growers & Suppliers

Adding Value to Producers and Cooperatives

Building mutually beneficial partnerships with producers and cooperatives to facilitate long-term, organic growth for each of our suppliers.

Our Origination Capabilities

Doing Business with Redwood

By providing producers and cooperatives with favorable and flexible pricing options, and being licensed and bonded in all origination locations, The Redwood Group has gained the trust of thousands of premium producers and cooperatives throughout North America. The continued focus on transparency and ease of doing business is a driving force in each of our decisions. With a focus on building a network of premium customers, our suppliers can take pride in knowing their product meets the strict specifications of our customers.

Contract Growing Programs

The Redwood Group finds value in connecting our buyers with our suppliers. We believe transparency and building personal relationships among our suppliers and our buyers is paramount to the success of all parties involved. To meet the strict specifications required by many of our premium buyers, The Redwood Group offers contract growing programs which provide producers with the opportunity to grow a specialized commodity which can be sold at a premium. Further, The Redwood Group welcomes our buyers to visit our suppliers in order to facilitate a transparent partnership not only with us, but with our suppliers as well.

Market Visibility

Having access to a broad range of premium demand markets, including domestic and international food manufacturers, feed manufacturers and energy producers, The Redwood Group has the ability to offer our suppliers with the most competitive prices available.