Commodity Supply Chain Solutions & Merchandising



Founded in 2010
Employee owned
Entrepreneurial focus
Domestic and international presence
Owned and managed asset locations

What We Offer

Food ingredient supply
Pet food ingredient supply
Feed ingredient supply
Grain merchandising and supply
Energy product supply and financial solutions


Logistics and supply chain solutions
Risk mitigation programs
Grower programs
Marketing programs
Value add storage and processing solutions

Food Ingredients

Originating pulse, oilseed and grain products from thousands of premium growing locations throughout the United States and Canada, The Redwood Group delivers natural ingredients to domestic and international food manufacturers. Our raw commodity processing assets along with our animal science, public health and quality assurance experience allow us to focus on sourcing customer needs for conventional ingredients, as well as niche non-GMO and organic ingredients for food products.

Grains & Feed Ingredients

The Redwood Group originates, merchandises, stores and handles wholesale grains, cereals, oilseeds, pulses and other alternative sources of protein for domestic and international customers. We focus on sourcing our customers’ needs for traditional feed ingredients, specialized pet food ingredients, grains and energy inputs. Operating throughout the United States, Canada and abroad, we provide logistics for all aspects of the supply chain, including strategic investments in physical assets across North America.


Active in all major financial and physical ethanol and natural gas liquid markets throughout the United States, The Redwood Group has the ability to provide price risk analysis, liquidity and deal completion with producers and end-users far into the future. The Redwood Group is focused on relationships and takes pride in providing each customer with creative solutions to manage physical consumption as well as price exposure hedging.

Facilities to Meet Customer Needs

The Redwood Group owns, operates or leases an expansive network of processing, transloading and storage facilities which allow for the most efficient movement of product while ensuring the highest quality standards are maintained at each point in the supply chain. Leveraging a diversified collection of facilities for a number of different services helps to ensure product arrives on time and within specification.