Energy Supply and Risk Solutions

Supplying ethanol, natural gas liquids and risk mitigation solutions with a focus on customer service and creativity for energy consumers and producers.

Ethanol, NGL Supply & Financial Products

Active in all major financial and physical ethanol and natural gas liquid markets throughout the United States, The Redwood Group has the ability to provide price risk analysis, liquidity and deal completion with producers and end-users far into the future. The Redwood Group is focused on relationships and takes pride in providing each customer with creative solutions to manage physical consumption as well as price exposure hedging.

Energy Overview

Daily participation in the energy markets provides Redwood with fundamental and technical insight.

In addition to propane and ethanol, The Redwood Group offers hedging liquidity in the crude, natural gas, heating oil, gasoline, butane and natural gasoline markets.

Redwood prides itself in providing market transparency in what can be an illiquid marketplace.

Pricing Expertise

Using extensive industry market knowledge, The Redwood Group closely monitors the supply and demand trends and daily market fluctuations in order to offer the best price for our customers.


Providing logistical expertise for all aspects of the supply chain, including strategic investments in assets across North America, The Redwood Group can ensure product is delivered in a timely fashion.


Utilizing strategic partnerships with key storage facilities in the United States, Redwood has the capability to maintain a competitive position in the energy markets regardless of the market situation.

Customer Service

The Redwood Group provides tools for energy price risk management to our customers, allowing them to hedge their consumptive or input needs as they desire.

Types of Contracts Offered

Physical flat price, basis, index, RBOB differentials, financial futures, swaps, options, RINs

Energy Commodities

Natural Gas Liquids: Propane, Butane, Natural Gasoline
Crude Oil
Heating Oil
Natural Gas

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